Morel Mushroom

Morels and New Guests

In Ranch News by Ashley Farmer

Morel Mushroom on the trails.

While clearing trail in the spring it is always a pleasant treat when we stumble upon some yummy Morel Mushrooms and Fiddle Heads (premature fern plants). Fix it up with some moose steak and you have yourself a delicious dinner

Our first week back open is going great! We have one guest from England and another family visiting for a post graduation party. A great gathering place for some family time.

Us hanging out with the horses as the sun fades.

This morning they went out on the advanced ride with Alison and can’t wait to go back out on another advanced ride on Thursday. Our other adventurous guests went with Matt out on the trails Mountain Biking.

If you haven’t tried that, it is something you need to experience! This afternoon they are going kayaking and tomorrow they are all headed up to the Challenge Course for some good time thrills! Everyone is so busy and it is so nice to have this place busy with activity again.

Leave us a note letting us know how your late spring is going.