Ranch FAQs

(1) How many people can fit in your airport shuttle? I’m trying to figure out if it would be cheaper to rent a car or use the shuttle.

The shuttle company has a shuttle bus that can carry 24 passengers and their luggage. The rate for the shuttle may change due to rising costs, but current pricing can be found on the shuttle information page. This is the one way charge.

(2) We shouldn’t have any problem catching a 1:00 p.m. flight departure out of Spokane , right?

Departing shuttles are scheduled around the guests’ flight departure times. Shuttles are normally scheduled to depart the ranch 3 hours prior to the time of the flight.

(3) Do you have lifejackets available for the kids to use while we kayak or swim?

We provide all of the equipment necessary for our guest to safely participate in all of our on ranch activities. Life jackets are provided for everyone while they are participating in a water activity. And yes, we do have them small enough for the toddlers.

(4) Do we have to wear boots? Do you have any to rent/borrow? Adult and child sizes? Cowboy hats?

Slick soled boots with a slick heel are required for horseback riding. We have plenty of choices at the tack barn if you do not want tobring your boots with you, sometimes it is easier to use ours rather then trying to fit them in your luggage. We do have many different sizes for both adults and children, some may not be the most stylish but the horses don’t seem to mind.We have some adult size cowboy hats for guest use at the tack barn and some for sale in our Trading Post. Children are required to wear helmets when on horseback, and these are provided by the Ranch at no additional charge.

(5) Do you have a list of recommended items to pack?

Water bottle: Activities at Red Horse Mountain Ranch are an exciting and fun way to spend a vacation. It’s important to stay well hydrated. We’ll take care of the little buckaroos while on a trail, but adults should come prepared with a water bottle or a hydration pack. Complimentary bottles will be in your room when you arrive.

Sunglasses and a Cowboy Hat: To shade and protect your eyes as well as protect you from any branches that might be on the trail while horseback riding.

Flashlight: It’s a good idea to have extra flashlights as the Ranch keeps all exterior lights dimmed to let the millions of stars shine through at night.

Sunscreen, a bathing suit, and a good book.

Layers and/or a Jacket: The nights can be cool, but that will not stop us from providing you with our evening entertainment. A good fleece jacket is perfect most of the time.A favorite with the guests is a fleece vest.

Bicycle Shorts: To protect your back 40 while on mountain bikes. Guests have also commented that bicycle shorts are nice to wear during the horseback riding, too.

Slick Soled Boots: Not too many items are mandatory but good riding boots are. We do provide a selection of good used boots at the Tack Barn if you prefer to use ours.

Helmets: Werequire thatyou wear protective gear while participating in the Mountain Biking, Bike Tours, and the Challenge course. Helmets are actually very hip with the kids. We will provide helmets to anyone in need. We also have horseback riding helmets, which are required for the kids ages 3 through 14. For those over 14, you can opt to not wear a helmet during the horseback riding.

Jeans and other clothing: Bring a few pairs of jeans with you for the horseback riding. Summer clothing is usually perfect to keep you cool, casual, and comfortable. Please remember that there is daily laundry service so if you need to pack light, please do so. Our staff will be happy to take care of you.

(6) No special dress code for dinner any of the nights? Jeans? Shorts? What about the one night that the kids eat separately?

We have no dress code, we want everyone to be comfortable during their stay here at the Ranch. We see everything from shorts and jeans to dress pants and cocktail dresses at dinner. The night of the 7 course dinner, the setting in the dining room is more formal, but it is totally your choice how you wish to dress. At this meal we see many pairs of nice jeans matched with a favorite shirt and this might be the one evening that women of the group choose to bring out the cocktail dress. Please be comfortable with what you are wearing. The children are well taken care of this evening and are encouraged to dress casual and bring a sweatshirt for when the sun dips behind the mountains as they are enjoying their own meal around the campfire.

(7) Do we need to reserve the white water trip or fly fishing trip ahead of time, or can we just sign up when we get there?

If you know that you definitely want to participate in either of these trips it is best to let us know in advance. The fishing trips are probably the most important trip to schedule in advance.Please note that once scheduled you will be charged for the trip if canceled with less than 48 hours notice.

(8) Are there any other forms that we need to fill out, other than the airport shuttle form if we choose to use it?

We need a Guest Activity Form & Liability Release Form for everyone who is coming to stay at the ranch. The Activity Form allows us to make sure that we match you with the perfect horse and saddle for your stay. It also allows you the opportunity to mention any special dietary concerns or allergies that we need to be aware of. Our kitchen staff can accommodate any dietary concerns so please don’t be afraid to let us know. The main contact for the group or the head of each family should submit the Guest Registration Form.

Contacting the Ranch

Phone: (208) 689-9680

Toll Free: (888) 689-9680

Fax: (208) 475-6008


Phone: (208) 689-9680

Toll Free: (888) 689-9680