Hiking at the Ranch

You are always welcome to take a self-guided hike or a stroll on the trails near the lodge and just off of the valley floor. If you decide to venture onto the trails without a guide, please check in with the Trading Post before you leave for your hike and after you return. Please be aware you may cross paths with horses or mountain bikes, unless you check with the Trading Post. If you would prefer to hike with a guide, we offer scheduled scenic hikes and an interpretive hike.

Scenic Hikes

If fitness is not your primary concern or you would just like to experience the trails by foot, you may sign up for a Scenic Hike. If guests are signed up for the Scenic Hike by 9 PM the preceding evening, we will provide a guide. The guide will lead you out onto the trails and ensure your safe return to the ranch. Since the lodge is near the valley floor you ought to expect some hills, but we will aim to capture the views without stretching your physical abilities.

Interpretive Hikes

Red Horse Mountain and the surrounding area have a rich history. Miners moved heavy equipment into the forests, set up camps, and blasted into the sides of the hills to create mines and extract Silver. Now those mines have been abandoned. One mine is hidden in the woods off ranch. Cattle ranches ran free-range cattle on thousands of acres. Skid roads criss-cross the hillsides as evidence of the forest industry that was once thriving in Northern Idaho. You will learn about the flora and fauna indigenous to the region and the flora and fauna that has been introduced and thrives in this environment. Since the lodge is near the valley floor you ought to expect some hills during this hike.

Fitness Hiking & Morning Stretch

Each morning before breakfast, a short brisk hike and/or our morning stretch routines are offered as a wonderful way to wake up those tired muscles. Our guests have all commented on how the early morning activities help to get the blood flowing. However, sleeping in is also highly recommended by our previous guests!