All Inclusive Ranch Vacation Resort

One of Idaho’s Best Kept Secrets

  • Red Horse Mountain Ranch Resort in Idaho is known for its all inclusive dude ranch vacations including an extensive list of guided adventures, well appointed accommodations, first rate western hospitality, and a famous Kids’ Program for ages 3 and up. Located on 300,000 acres, the ranch is a 1.5 hour drive from the Spokane International Airport, near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The ranch is a perfect location for a western family vacation. Full service, all-inclusive week long ranch vacations are available from June through October. All Inclusive family dude ranch vacations are available from June through August and couples dude ranch vacations are available in September and October. Special ranch weeks include Wine Tasting and our Girl’s Getaway weeks.
  • Red Horse Mountain Ranch Welcome Gate

Early Summer Adult Stays

May & June

  • Running Horses at the ranch
  • Take advantage of a lower all-inclusive rate during our first two weeks of the summer season. For adults and families with teenagers, the ranch is in full swings, except for the kids’ program. This 6 night all-inclusive ranch holiday includes your meals, adventures, accommodations, evening entertainment, and beverages. It’s a perfect way to kick off an amazing summer for any family!

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Family Dude Ranch Vacations

June, July, & August

  • Family enjoying our ranch vacation
  • Through June, July, and August, the ranch makes the perfect family dude ranch vacation spot. The ranch is in full swing with 5 to 8 different families staying on the ranch for a week in length. Each week the ranch has typically 7 to 15 kids in our kids program ranging from 3 to 11 years old. Family dude ranch vacations provide lots of family time, incredible food, and plenty of healthy outdoor adventure; we have the perfect family vacation for you.

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Ladies Week Getaways ~ Dude Ranch Vacations


  • wrangler on a horse at Red Horse Mountain Ranch
  • September 18 – 24 or September 25- October 1, 2016!

    Hurry ladies…these weeks are a hit! Whether it’s mother-daughter time, a sister’s get-together, or just friends catching up, Girlfriend Getaway Week is the best dude ranch vacation to ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves.

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Couples Getaways ~ Dude Ranch Vacations

May, June, August, & September

  • Couple enjoying a romantic ranch vacation
  • If you’re a romantic, the ingredients are all here; adventure, rustic and cozy suites, well designed meals, hand crafted desserts, hot tubs, music, 100 horses, and a far off ranch nestled on 300,000 acres of Idaho’s Rocky Mountains. If you’re looking for more adventure than the typical beach vacation, we have a ranch capable of retaining the magic or lighting up a new flame. As romantic as the bright-light metropolis and sandy beach can be, maybe it’s time for change of pace!

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Fall colors and Wine Tasting Weeks

August & September

  • Dude ranch staff on horses
  • Starting August 21st through September 17th!
    “It’s been too long, too hectic, I’ve got to get away, and we need this,” is what Red Horse Mountain Ranch is all about in the Fall. If you’ve done the bright-light metropolis and sandy beach, as fun as they are, maybe it’s time for a change of pace. You won’t have to worry about taxis, reservations, wallets, cell phone, or trying to find a quiet place to just be alone. The ingredients are all here; adventure, rustic and cozy suites, well designed meals, hand crafted desserts, hot tubs,100 plus horses, a staff wanting to make your stay perfect, and a far off ranch nestled on 300,000 acres of the Idaho’s Rocky Mountains.

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Family Reunions ~ Idaho Style!

  • Family Reunions at Red Horse Mountain Ranch
  • Have you been tasked with finding the perfect location where everyone will be having fun? Got a budget in mind and have no desire to handle the traveling, meals, and adventures for 40 or maybe 60 people of all ages? Don’t blame you. Call the ranch and you’ll see from that moment on, you and your family will have no worries about their next big reunion.

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What’s included in your Dude Ranch Vacation?

You’ll be given your own horse and saddle for the week and have a chance for numerous types of riding opportunities each day.

  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Guided Adventures
  • Evening Entertainment
  • And other Amenities

Along with the full schedule of beginner to advanced western horseback riding and outdoor adventures, the ranch includes a famous kids’ program packed with outdoor activities and horseback trail riding (ages 3 and up). Our all inclusive rates include a private cabin or suite, chef prepared meals, cocktail and appetizer hour, guest laundry services, daily housekeeping service, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Guided ranch adventures in the all inclusive package are the advanced horseback trail riding, scenic and all day horseback rides, horseback riding lessons, fly fishing lessons, lake fishing, archery, sporting clays, high element challenge course, zip line, climbing wall, hiking, yoga, kayaking, bike tours, mountain biking, boat tours, swimming, and a lengthy list of self-guided adventures.

All inclusive Ranch vacations include dining

Activities which have an additional cost include massage and a guided off ranch fly fishing trip to the Wild and Scenic St Joe River. Start a family tradition with all inclusive dude ranch vacations where there is truly something for everyone.

Facebook Updates

Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchThursday, August 25th, 2016 at 5:40pm

An oldy, but worth sharing again.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Time-Lapse of Milky Way over Idaho
Successive nights in Aug 2009 at Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Harrison, Idaho Camera: EOS 1DsMark3 and EOS 5DMark2 Lenses: 16-40mm, 15mm fisheye Exposure: Mos...
Michele Baker Another reason I can't wait to get there!
Kristin Largent BEAUTIFUL.
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchThursday, August 25th, 2016 at 11:11am

Nice day on Lake Coeur D'Alene!

Rod Arrhenius Love the knife through the eye sockets.
Barbara Thornton Good lookin' fish!
Michele Baker Omg I can't wait to get there, see you in September
Bobbie Osborne Very nice!
Kathie Owens September, we'll be there!
Paul Knecht From 2012. Great fun!
Angie Adamson Nice catch mate!
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchSunday, August 21st, 2016 at 6:49am

To our wonderful Guests of Summer '16

Red Horse Mountain Ranch We received an email to share. What memories we made this year! Thank you ALL for being a part of it! "What a completely magical, wonderful place you have. I miss everything about it and I know I am far from alone. I'm sure there are so many of us waking up this morning longing for Idaho, longing for Red Horse Mountain Ranch. It was more than a family vacation, another summer destination. This was life-altering, mind-changing, like nothing I've ever experienced. Our hearts were heavy when we left yesterday but also incredibly full - full of whatever magic it is you guys have created there. The magic that keeps people coming back year after year, the tug that makes you start planning your next trip to Red Horse pretty much the moment you leave. Thank you to the entire staff there for giving us the best week of our lives. We will most definitely be back!"
Sabrina Draper Lovelace We knew we would have a great time. Y'all exceeded our expectations by far. We can't wait to come back next year. It's truly a wonderful place. Thank you y'all so very much for your hard work each day.
Lisa Fruhan The best vacation we have ever had! Thank you for the incredible memories and experiences. We can't wait to go back!
Claire White We had the most amazing time this week: always very sad to leave! Thank you all for looking after us so well.
Carola Waag Frederik M Waag your dad and Susan should go!
Darren Cowley Great place, awesome staff, Amazing vacation!
Linda McCandless i can not wait to come for the first time n bring my family
Carl Munn Missed ya all this year hope to be back soon!
Kim Oakland Wow!!! Beautiful!!! I would love to go there.
Wendy Triplett Thank you all at Red Horse Mountain Ranch !!
Shawn McClosky Great job Cory. Man do I miss that place.
Denise Clarke Breath taking, so beautiful, I want to go here!
John L Stubbs Can't wait to get back
Shannon Crooks Hope I can be a guest before I die!! 😉
Michele Baker See you in September can't wait!
Laurence Pearson A fabulous place and brilliant staff.
Tricia Burnett Our favorite place! Thank you all!
Kathie Pooler Toomey ❤️our favorite time of year.
Wendy Triplett The best vacation ever!!! ❤️
Kathie Owens See you in September
Addie Silvia Beautiful
Suzanne Lyons Lisa greaves can we go!
Bunny Colella So beautiful
Kara Moriarty Maureen Moriarty Lempke when are we all going???
Virginia Henley-Dunbar You have such a gorgeous place there at Red Horse Mountain Ranch! The people who come there are special too.
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchFriday, August 19th, 2016 at 3:21am

Meet a Red Horse wrangler for 2029!

Red Horse Mountain Ranch Love it!
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchSunday, August 14th, 2016 at 5:14am

Can't think of a better way to spend a warm afternoon in the sun!

Shawn McClosky Looking good Cory, when do I get to come out and see all the toys?
Judy Mcclosky Cory Inouye you are getting to be a pro with the drone and go pro 🙂
Marlane Holtshouse Wonderful
Lindsay J Lupton Tracey Lupton Smartt, Karina Campbell
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchSunday, August 14th, 2016 at 2:14am
Cindy Mullins Kreidel Wow! Just WOW!
Aaron Carla Bull Love this! What a great picture!!
Lisa Williams I would love to be there with you all very , very much .
Patti Bethel Great photo! And the wranglers look good too! HAHA!
Marlane Holtshouse Love love this place💕💕😀
Patricia Abbey Fabulous!!!!!!!
Sharon Skolnik Flagel Awesome!
Linda Jerome-White ❤❤❤
Nancy Cooper Great picture of one very big family!
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchWednesday, August 10th, 2016 at 2:28am

A special gift from the ranch. Ms. Aubrie Smith singing an angelic piece to our guests. Can't imagine not sharing this with you all. And thank you Aubrie, you helped make this an amazing summer. Have a wonderful day from Red Horse!

Kate Pogue Rau Ooooh and singing an Y la Bamba piece. That's not easy. Lovely!!
Kathleen Smith You sent me on a cool mountain journey, thank you! Lovely
Claire Robson She has the most stunning voice! I could listen to Aubrie, Hilary and Lynsdey for hours- such talented women 👊🏻😍 xxx
Tandy Lucero Absolutely beautiful!!!
Jean Yoachum Absolutely jus beautiful
Kiristi Whitacre Beautiful!
Pat Munn Just beautiful!😀
Julie Wagenman Wow
Peter Stoecklin Good to hear from you. Beautiful
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchMonday, August 8th, 2016 at 2:40am

Nice list of honeymoon spots in Idaho.

Tina Smythe I loved working beautiful and clean, quite
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchSaturday, August 6th, 2016 at 12:12pm

Justin Thomas is heading back to teach next week. Thank you Justin for another great summer and guiding us through it safely. Have a wonderful school year! Help us say thank you!

Camille Garden I'm a former teacher and your RHMR chef's mom...have a great school year, Justin. It's the most important job in the world!
Tricia Burnett Thank you, Justin, for all of your encouragement and instruction! Hope you have a great school year!
Hanna Doil He's "out-seasoned" me... How did this happen?! So proud of him!!!
Kay Zarpo Have a great winter😊
Melissa Renick Streidl I love Justin "Bucky"
Liana Esposito Ottaviani Until next year!
Shawn McClosky Hope you had a great summer.
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchThursday, August 4th, 2016 at 10:42am

Don't let these discounts ride away! Big saving on our Fall Vacations!

Thada Ziegler Do you do just weekends? Looking for an anniversary place.
Theresa Hartman Frucht Are there any activities for experienced riders?
Lynn Melapioni Does anyone know what state this is in
KathyandRonnie Knott I think I've truly found Heaven on Earth!!! Love love love !!! If only dreams came true!!! This place is breath taking!!!!❤❤❤❤
Lyn Rahming I had a blast there!
Lynn Melapioni Where is this. ? I have to b there. I have to b
Danny Stewart Ok there a vacation and wow need to find out more info please post if you have phone number
Lennetta Gail Thomas Do such places on earth exist? what a fairytale dream vacation wow thanks for the share
Israel Deltoro Do you like horse rose?
Ann Rissman Humke On my way to Girl's Getaway week. You coming too? See you there.
Tammy Robinson It is sooooo beautiful there. Vacationed with 4 other friends Had a great experience. Peaceful
Mary Bryan I'll take the Cowboys lol hot
Pamela White What are the prices per person/packages?
Lynn Melapioni I did not get a response
Lee Ann Williams Breathtaking
Rachelle Valente I would love to go
Becky Klausmann Oh my... this looks awesome. ...
Virginia Henley-Dunbar Such a Beautiful place!
Wanda Hopkins Breath taking!!! I have to add this to my bucket list.🐴🐴
Lisa Bales This is so u, Sherry.
Patricia Bush Now that is what you call a vacation!
Mary Madigan I'm ready!!
Sandi Bagley Luksik Harrison Idaho.
Chris Butler Sound like fun!
Sandy Smith I want to go....
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchSunday, July 24th, 2016 at 10:07am

Safe travels Vaughn Family! We were honored to celebrate Bob's Birthday with you all!

Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchFriday, July 22nd, 2016 at 1:24pm

Save big on a full week, all-inclusive ranch vacation!
For our upcoming 2016 Wine Tasting Weeks and Girl's Getaway Weeks only! All remaining cabins are $250 per person off our regular rates if your arrival date is within 4 weeks. Limited availability. Call Andi at 888-689-9680.

Christina Lopez How much is the regular price?
Janette Dillow-Endecott Where is this at. ?
Shana Courtney Tracy Schultzmeet me there! Let's do this!
Patricia McDonald It's KYLE MCDONALD, trail guide and cowboy extraordinaire!!!
Jamie Miller Is that $250 for the week or a night per perso ??
Teri Leerkamp-Neely Lilly and Kim, found another potential getaway!
Lou Ann Shaffer Is that 250 per week?
Linda Pearce I think this would be amazing! What is the week with the best rates?
Cathy Daniels can we bring our own horses
Rachelle Richardson Here is one to mark off your bucket list Sharon Powell Quincy! Plus wine tasting! We need to get a group together and go!
Brandi Mari Green Dave Green. Should look into this babe. Makes me miss my horse know.
Angela Giordano Can you PM me what the girls getaway price is at the sale price? Or is it the price listed on your website? And is that the price per person or per room? Thanks.
Kimberly Snearey Omgosh! Diane Bell! Gotta get the horse trailer in the road!
Sherina Pardy OH Fay McLean if only this would be so so much fun! We'll have to try this next year.
Susie Goble That's awesome is it 250 for the week or per person would like to know
Patti Sellers Here you go Sarah Halladay this looks and sounds like a Sarah vacation. You need one.
Alison Super Lindsay Puig Raborn your hubby liked this site so I think that is the 👍🏻that we should go. 😱
Jackie Hyde Edwards Mary Jo Jernigan, this would be a fun trip with Mom.
Caryn McCann HI Kyle!!!
Elena Ketchu Where is this at?
Kathy Pacheco Kossen How much for the Cowboy in front?
Diane Bell Next year, i am golden!! Let's go!!
Pamela Tyler-Fuentes Now this would be fun.
Lisa Mapes Dina Wills.....wanna go?! 😉
Karen Swingley Oh Kathy Beard.... Hint, hint
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchFriday, July 15th, 2016 at 10:23am

Wine Dinner is set. It'll be a wonderful evening at the ranch.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchThursday, July 14th, 2016 at 1:54am

Thank you Nicole Conroy for the great video!

Jesse Montes BEAUTIFUL
Don Garrison Dawn Stephens Garrison
Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Red Horse Mountain RanchMonday, July 11th, 2016 at 1:03am
Red Horse Mountain Ranch Save big on a full week, all-inclusive ranch vacation! For our upcoming 2016 Wine Tasting Weeks and Girl's Getaway Weeks only! All remaining cabins are $250 per person off our regular rates if your arrival date is within 4 weeks. Limited availability. Call Andi at 888-689-9680.
Malgorzata Grzesiak Antus Amazing! My dream is to experience it, but I don't think I can ever effort it.😭
Mariana Lamas Manns that place is paradise!!!
Deborah Droptiny Woodall Someday
Joanne Clough Guinn beautiful! are you there now? Hope so...enjoy!
Deb Taylor So beautifully kept.
Katie Hannigan You can't surpass the staff and the beautiful surroundings. We we're blessed to beable to experience this with our Grand babies.... thank you so much.
Tim Young Ah so familiar. Miss it all!
Tyler Cress this is from 2010 or 2011. Great summer!
Bren Leo Wowzer! Absolutely beautiful! I'd love to visit here!
Nico Zipfel Pati Zipfel
Jessica Crowe Megan Jordan